Gul Panag, who spoke on dynasty in Bollywood, has also made an identity for those who were nowhere


The debate on the question of dynasty in Bollywood has intensified since the death of Sushant Singh Rajput last year. Reacting to this, actress Gul Panag has said that Bollywood is a good place to work. Gul Panag said that in this industry, such people have also achieved a big place, which were nowhere. Gul Panag said, ‘The truth is that you have opportunities, but you should keep in mind who you are. It is true that entry is easy for people coming from film families. If someone wants to move forward in the profession of their parents, it does not mean that other talented people cannot do so. But it seems strange to hear that people still complain after achieving the position.

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Gul Panag said that it is true that people coming from the film family get more opportunities, but this does not mean that everything ends here. Gul Panag said, “If you are short of talent, then nothing helps you.” There are some people who had an easy entry opportunity, but could they carry forward the legacy or did their star shine? The reason for this was that perhaps he was not as capable. This is the case in every profession. Therefore there is good and evil everywhere. It’s up to you what you want to see. ‘

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Gul Panag appeared in the web series Patal Lok and Pawan and Pooja in 2020. Gul Panag’s acting in these web series was well liked by the people. She is currently shooting for a film, which is based on a legal drama. Apart from this, she is also associated with two other projects.

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Regarding the growing popularity of web series in this period, Gul Panag said that script is everything in the web series other than commercial cinema and the audience is liking it on a large scale. He said that such writers, editors, directors and actors who could not make it earlier, have now got a scope. Gul Panag said that OTT platform has been liked by the people.



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