Floods in the fashion of this brand, the price of tops that look like ‘cheeses’ 90 thousand

Nowadays, fashion brands are engaged in unique changes and due to these changes, they are often mocked. Something similar has happened recently. Recently, Prada did something that made fun of it. Recently Prada has designed a top that everyone is enjoying after seeing and laughing. Many people are seen asking, “What was the need to make such a top”.

Most important is the price of this top, which is also making fun of the company. Talking about Prada, it is a luxury brand. It is famous for its fashion accessories and expensive prices. Many big stars also wear this brand gracefully. Recently, a new top of the company has surfaced, which has blown everyone’s senses. This top looks like something that is followed by a famous cartoon character named Jerry.



Its name is Turtleneck Jumper and its price is also very attractive. The company is selling it for about 90 thousand rupees. However, it is also listed on Top Prada’s website and has been made part of the brand’s Sping-Summer / 2021 collection. Although this is not the first time, many big brands have done such strange things before. Earlier, Gucci was made fun of selling dirty shoes. Earlier Gucci’s dirty sneakers were being sold for 60 thousand rupees.




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