Express your love with these roses on Rose Day

The season of love is going to start tomorrow. Celebrate Rose Day on the first day of Valentine’s Week. On Rose Day, all lovers express their love by giving roses to each other. On this occasion, the entire market starts to decorate with roses. The price of rose rises to the sky as soon as the day falls. In normal days, the price of rose is 15 to 20 rupees, but on daily days its price increases to 50 to 80 rupees and 100 rupees.

Couples have to buy such expensive roses to express love. Most red roses are in demand on this day because the red rose is a sign of true love. Different types of red roses are also in demand in the market.



– Adorned with drops of water

Half Open Rose

-Long stick rose

-Scented Rose

-Sparkle Rose

The special thing is that rose flowers are fine, but lovers are buying a red rose bouquet for their partner. That is, money does not matter in love, it is certain.




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