Exemption of tax slab in Corona period, hope of relief from inflation

The Union Budget bus is now only a few hours away. On Monday, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will present the country’s general budget. Therefore, before this, people in the country and the state are quite hopeful of this budget. Expectation from this budget has also increased because it will be the first general and important state budget after Kovid. In such a situation, the general public suffering from the Corona infection is expecting a lot.

Tried to know the expectations of the people before the budget (presented next morning) in the state. In this, most people discussed about jobs and tax slab rebate. People said in their suggestion that in view of the present situation Tax slab exemption is the most imperative in the budget. It will help the middle class to emerge. While housewives have expected inflation to come down. Know what people said….



Inflation has also seen an increase after the lockdown after the Corona period. So the budget of the house is facing difficulties. In such a situation, the government should introduce measures to curb inflation by reducing taxes in everyday things. The government is making efforts to develop MSME sector development. But now such measures are needed so that the sector gets instant growth. The special thing is that every sector will benefit from this growth. Also, the economy can be moved up to 15 percent.




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