Eggs and mutton were being sold in the public toilet of the cleanest city, municipal officials arrived

Indore: We are all aware that if there is anyone on the number one position in terms of cleanliness, then it is Indore. Recently there has been a news related to this city which has shocked everyone. Eggs and mutton are being sold in Indore toilets. If we accept the news coming out, then this incident is being told of Indore in Madhya Pradesh. Public toilets are being used for the sale of eggs and mutton. As soon as the news was received by the municipal authorities, he reached there.

Authorities have spoken in this matter. He said that a fine of one thousand rupees was immediately recovered from the owner of the toilet. It is being said that now a penalty of Rs 20 thousand will be charged from Sulabh International in this case. Additional Commissioner of Municipal Corporation Abhay Rajaggaonkar said, “During inspection in Loha Mandi area, mutton and egg business were being done inside a toilet. When it was discovered, everyone was surprised, because no one knew about it. A fine of one thousand rupees was immediately imposed for illegal business. Apart from this, Abhay Rajangaonkar also said that a notice has also been issued to the NGO regarding this matter and a reply has been sought from them.



Sulabh International has also been fined Rs 20 thousand. Talking about Indore, this city has remained the first in terms of cleanliness in the entire country in the last 4 years i.e. 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. This year also, it is the effort of the municipal authorities that Indore come at number 1. Sanitary conditions.




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