Eat food according to your zodiac

The weekend is for rest. We like to be lazy and calm with our routines. It is a time to unwind, relax and take a much-needed break from a dull and tiring life. When it comes to preparing food on weekends you feel very challenged. On most of your weekends, you like to have some food from outside or for ace. Some people like to go out with their family or friends, while others like to relax at home and spend a day.

So depending on your zodiac sign here is the best food for cooking in the weekend.

Aries: These people are naturally adventurous and risk takers, the best food for them is any dish related to Asian cuisine.

Taurus: Torians are domestic and down-to-earth people who want nothing more than a cozy and hot bowl of hot soup. So for them, a relaxed meal after a weekend meal is a meal for them.


Gemini: They are moody and vulgar and therefore, they often have mini-meals throughout the day. For them, the best food is chilli-sweet potatoes, which are light and tasty, and easy to prepare.

Cancer: They want to prepare something easy and this will make them feel complete and content. Spaghetti with meatballs is their perfect weekend meal, as it is quick to cook and irresistible and filling.

Singh: They are always on high alert and take responsibility for things, they want something different and easy on weekends. Tacos are the most suitable weekend meal for them as they require hardly any cooking and are light on the stomach.

Virgo: They are health conscious and never let themselves indulge in their guilty pleasures even on weekends. They like a piping hot bowl of healthy and nutritious chicken soup.




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