Do this remedy on Saturday, will always be special blessing of Shani Dev


Today is Saturday and Shani Dev is worshiped on this day. If any person has a shadow or half-century of Shani Dev on this day, he should offer prayers to please Shani Dev on this day. Apart from this, if a person is suffering from any disease due to the inauspicious effects of Saturn in the horoscope, then they should also worship God. By taking some measures on Saturday, the person is blessed with the special grace of Shani Dev.

1. To get rid of the side effects of Shani, one should serve black cow. Feed the first roti to the black cow. Tie a goli to her horn, do tilak as well. Then feed Motichur ladoos to the black cow and touch its feet.

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2. Chant Mahamrityunjaya mantra ॐ Namah Shivaya while worshiping every day. This gives freedom from the ill effects of Shani Dev.

3. Monkeys should be fed roasted chickpeas on Saturday. Also, sweet bread should be fed to black dogs.

4. To please Shani Dev, you should use black salt and black pepper in both meals.

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5. Fill mustard oil in a bowl and put copper coin in it at some dark place in the house.

6. To get rid of Shani Dhaiya, soak 8 hundred grams of black sesame in water on Friday night. Then grind them in the morning on Saturday and mix them in jaggery and make 8 laddus. Feed them to a black horse. Do this by 8 Saturday.

7. To get rid of the half century, after the darkness on Saturday, offer sweet water on the peepal. Also light a mustard oil lamp and incense sticks. Then recite Hanuman, Bhairava and Shani Chalisa. After this, do seven revolutions of the Peepal tree.

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8. Burn a bitter oil lamp every Saturday before the sun rises under the peepal tree. Also offer pure raw milk and incense.

9. On Saturday, take 29 cubits long black thread of your hand. Manipulate it well and wear it around your neck.

10. If a person is having an inauspicious condition of Saturn, then he should not consume meat and liquor on Saturday.



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