Do not make mistake of keeping these things in the worship house, otherwise it will cause harm

Vastu is considered to be of great importance in our life in which the energy generated by things around us has positive and negative effects in life. There are many rules related to the temple of the house in Vastu which affect our happiness and prosperity. Today in this episode, we are going to give you information about some such things which are not auspicious to keep in the temple of the house and it may cause you harm. So let’s know about these things.

Most people when they perform havan or any other religious ritual, then keep the remaining puja material back in the puja, but it should not be done. If you have any material left after worship, it should flow. If cloves have survived then you can use them as a spice in the house, but keep in mind that on the day you use this spice, eat only satvic food. It is often seen that people keep pictures of ancestors along with the deities at the place of worship.



Vastu says that no picture of ancestors should ever be kept in the house of worship. The location of the ancestors is also considered high, but a separate place should be made to photograph them. It is considered very auspicious to keep a conch in the house of worship. Due to this, Shri i.e. Lakshmi resides in the house. Playing conch shell brings positive flow throughout the house, but never keep two conch shells in the house of worship. In Sanatan Dharma, flowers are definitely used in rituals. Flowers are offered to God, garlands are worn. Apart from this, the temple is also decorated with flowers on special occasions. If you offer flowers to the gods and goddesses, then those flowers should be removed immediately after they become stale. Dry flower garlands should not be kept mistakenly in the home temple. If this happens then negative energy increases in your home. Disputes and poverty begin to increase in the house.




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