Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Deepika shared her body, said- ‘Who made it’

Film actress Deepika Padukone is in discussions these days. He is in the headlines due to his new films. Meanwhile, Deepika participated in the Pavari mem. He has recently shared a meme on a picture of his childhood. Sharing this meme, Deepika asked a question, which is, ‘Who made it?’

If you are a social media lover, then you will be well aware of the latest trends on social media. On Instagram, you will see the viral trend of many ‘Pauri Ho Rahi’. So far, many artists have also shared their videos by making this video based on this meme, now Deepika Padukone has joined this list. She also shared a meme. Deepika is very happy to see this meme built on her. In this mem, the childhood picture of the actress is seen and she is sitting on a horse.

Someone has edited this picture of him based on the Pavari meme. It is written, ‘This is us, this is our horse, and this is our power.’ Deepika Padukone could not stop laughing after sharing this meme and finally, she asked who made it. Talking about work, soon Deepika will be seen in many new films.


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