Deepika has so expensive earrings for Carrie, knowing the price will not be sure

Seeing Deepika Padukone’s fashion, girls often think of copying them. By the way, everything of Deepika is expensive, be it dress, heels or earrings. Now recently a photo of him is going viral in which his earrings are being discussed. The earrings that Deepika carried recently were very special. By the way, the most special thing about these earrings is that they are made in very different designs.

You can see that it is golden in color and these earrings look a bit empty from the back side. Talking about Deepika’s look, during this time, she has tied her hair and put on dark glasses. Apart from this, she has applied lipstick maroon color on her lips, in which she looks lovely. Today we are going to tell you the price of earrings worn by Deepika Padukone.



By the way, if you like their golden earrings as well, you can buy them too, but for this you will have to pay a hefty amount. The price of these golden earrings is 15, 800 rupees and if you too want to buy them, then get ready to apply your lump sum salary. These earrings look really beautiful. The wedding season is also going to start in a few days and if you wear it, it will make your look attractive.




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