Thursday, February 25, 2021

Corona transition speed slows, this state is completely ‘unlocked’

Dehradun: Uttarakhand has been freed from the control area due to control of coronovirus infection. At present, the 13 cities of the state do not have a single control area. Now the entire state is ‘unlocked’. There is no restriction on movement of citizens and other activities at any place. Due to the rapid increase of corona infection in the state from June – July, the government started creating prevention zones to prevent the spread of infection.

The same district magistrate was empowered to create a content zone based on the travel history of infected patients and the persons who came in contact. On 13 September, the number of control areas in the state reached around 500. All types of activities and movements of the public were banned except for essential services in the container zone. As the pace of infection slowed, the number of prevention areas also declined. Currently, no city in the state has a container zone.

The Chief Operating Officer of the State Corona Control Room, Drs. Abhishek Tripathi says that all the cities in the state have been freed from the container zone. Now no area is in the Containment Zone. There is still a system of declaring control zones to control infection. If the district administration feels that corona infected cases are increasing in an area, then that area can be declared as a control area.


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