Saturday, February 27, 2021

Corona freed Hamirpur in UP, no active case in district

Lucknow: The pace of the coronavirus epidemic is now slowing down. Vaccination of coronavirus has begun, while the pace of new cases has also slowed down. Meanwhile, good news has emerged from Hamirpur in Uttar Pradesh. There is no longer an active case of coronovirus in Hamirpur district of UP. Hamirpur district has become free from coronavirus.

According to the information, not a single new case of infection from Corona has been reported in Hamirpur district. A patient infected with coronavirus was undergoing treatment in the district. He was also discharged on Tuesday. Hamirpur district is now completely corona free due to the only corona infected hospitalized for treatment. Chief Medical Officer of Hamirpur Dr. RK Sachan said that on February 2, samples of 1578 people have been taken in the district for the corona test. None of these Corona investigation reports came out positive.



He said that a total of 63 thousand 321 cases of corona were registered in Hamirpur district. In the district, 21 people died due to corona. To date, there is not a single active case of corona in the district.




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