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‘Constitution’ becomes Oxford Hindi Word of the Year 2019, know what was the reason

‘Self-reliance’ has been named as the self-reliance by Oxford Languages ​​as its Hindi word of the year 2020, as it “recognized the day-to-day achievements of countless Indians who battled and survived the dangers of an epidemic”. .

In a statement, Oxford Language said in the early months of the epidemic when Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced India’s COVID-19 recovery package, he said, as an economy, as a society, and as a country to become self-sufficient. Stressed the need for. Individuals, in a bid to navigate the dangers of epidemics.

He said that after the Prime Minister’s address, there was a huge increase in the use of ‘Anatmanibharat’, highlighting its increased prominence as a phrase and concept in India’s public dictionary.

The term was selected by an advisory panel of language experts Kritika Agarwal, Poonam Nigam Sahay and Tamarind Foxtel. The Oxford Hindi word of the year is a word or expression chosen to reflect the ethos, mood or prejudices of the year passed, and has enduring potential as a word of cultural significance.

One of the successes of the Sampoorna Atmanbir Bharat campaign is the large-scale manufacturing of the COVID-19 vaccine in India. During the Republic Day parade, the Department of Biotechnology highlighted the Atmanbir India campaign and displayed the COVID-19 vaccine development process in its tableau at Rajpath.

Sivaramakrishnan Venkateswaran, managing director of Oxford University Press India, said, “In an unprecedented year, ‘anomalousness’ was found to resonate with a wider cross-section of people as it is a response to the revival of a COVID-influenced economy.”

Aggarwal said that among the many interesting and occasional entries received, ‘Atmanubharata’ stood out as it validated the day-to-day achievements of countless Indians who had to deal with and survive the dangers of an epidemic.

The term “gives a voice to the strength demonstrated by young and old alike in dealing with extended periods of isolation, lack of family support, loss of livelihood and other difficulties through eunuch fixation and self-sufficiency”, he said.


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