Chhaya Pawan Singh’s show on social media, see this tremendous song

The songs of Bhojpuri industry actor and singer Pawan Singh are seen trending. His songs are well liked. These days he is liking a new song. It is a romantic Bhojpuri song written by Prakash Dynamite and composed by Chhote Baba. The lyrics are … ‘Hanslu Bhag Hamar Jag Jaane Jaa Hamro Omar Tohra Ke Jaay Jaay’. Currently, only the audio version of this song has been released and the song has become popular on social media.

It is expected that its video version will also be released soon. Released on the Music Tonne YouTube channel, the song has received around 2.5 million views in a week. This romantic Bhojpuri song by Pawan Singh is reminiscent of his old typical Bhojpuri songs, which are beyond vulgarity.



Pawan Singh, who made his mark in the world with Lollipop Lagelu Bhojpuri Song, is considered to be the hit machine of Bhojpuri industry. His appearance is considered a hit for the song and the film and the biggest reason is the large number of his fans.




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