‘Chai wali aunty’ is alive by drinking tea for 33 years

You all must have seen many people around the world who are tea lovers. Tea is liked by many people and they cannot live without tea. Today we are going to introduce you to one such woman. This woman only drinks tea. For the last 33 years, this woman has been living only by drinking tea. The name of this woman is Pili Devi, who hails from Bardiya village of Baikunthpur development block of Korea district. People from all around come to meet Palli Devi. She is a woman who has survived only by drinking tea for the last 33 years. He is also perfectly healthy.

Seeing this woman, even the doctors were blown away because they could not understand how a woman could be alive just by drinking tea. People living in the vicinity of Pili Devi call her ‘Chai wali aunt’. People in her neighborhood said, ‘Pilli Devi has only drank tea for the last 33 years, she does not eat or drink anything other than this.’ Pilli Devi is about 44 years old and her father said that she stopped eating when she was in 6th grade. In childhood, she used to have biscuits, bread with tea but later stopped eating everything. Now she only drinks tea. ‘



About this Pilli Devi said, “They no longer feel hungry but after the end of the day they drink red tea.” Doctors have done a thorough examination of Pilli Devi, but she has no disease.




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