Black, thick and shiny hair made from jaggery

Most people use many expensive hair products to enhance the beauty of hair and spend a lot of money on it, but do you know that expensive products are not needed to keep the hair beautiful, but you can use hibiscus Can you make hair healthy and bright by using flowers?

Hibiscus flowers are rich in various types of nutrients, including vitamin C, calcium, fat, all of which are found in large quantities. If you have problems with dandruff, you can use the hibiscus flower first to grind the hibiscus leaves. Now mix the powdered leaves with egg and apply to the hair roots and make the hair beautiful at the same time. Also makes hair black.



If your hair is not rough and your hair shines, then you can use it to make your hair shiny. If you want to make your hair thick, then grind the hibiscus flower with amla and apply it on the hair, then wash the hair with cold water, which will stop hair fall and hair become thick.




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