BJP will give priority to only youth in urban bodies of MP: P. Muralidhar Rao

Indore: Urban body elections are going to be held soon in Madhya Pradesh. In such a situation, BJP says that ‘priority will be given in giving tickets to youth’. The BJP says that we are a party of youth and only youth are public representatives in the city government. It was BJP’s Madhya Pradesh in-charge and national general secretary P.P. Muralidhar Rao said in Indore on Sunday. He came here to attend a two-day meeting of state officials of the BJP. During this meeting here, he said, ‘Through civic elections, we want to set up a team that can represent the party from Panchayat to Parliament for the next 25 years’.

He further said, ‘BJP is the only party that does not promote dynasty or dynasty. Even in civic elections, the BJP will not compromise on famine. Those who fall under the definition of ‘worker’ will be entitled to tickets. Senior leaders in the party will also be honored. The party will take advantage of his experience. The party is considering where to use such senior leaders. Along with this, he alleged that the political conspiracy of the Congress is reflected in the violence during the tractor parade on Republic Day. The Congress cannot escape its responsibility. The BJP will reveal this scheming face of the Congress to the public.



Apart from this, BJP state president Vishnu Dutt Sharma also attended this meeting. He said in this meeting, ‘It has been decided in the meeting of BJP state officials that the party should be omniscient and omnipresent, removing every weakness. The work has to be made self-sufficient by expanding with new technology. The party has started preparations to prepare the party afresh for the Assembly elections 2023 and Lok Sabha elections 2024.




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