Big relief to Salman Khan in black deer poaching case, Rajasthan government’s plea rejected in Arms Act case

The judgment related to the arms license has come against Salman Khan in the black deer hunting case. The Jodhpur district and sessions court of Rajasthan gave its verdict on Thursday in the case of giving false affidavits by the actor. Under which the petition filed by Salman against the state government has been rejected. The petition alleged that Salman Khan had submitted an incorrect affidavit in relation to the Arms Act. According to the information, Salman virtually appeared in the court to hear this decision. Salman had recently apologized for presenting an incorrect affidavit in 2003.

The court’s decision in this case has brought news of relief for Salman Khan. According to a report by the news agency ANI- ‘Rajasthan, Jodhpur District and Sessions Court has rejected the state government’s plea in the black deer hunting case, it is being told that Salman Khan had submitted a false affidavit related to Arms Act. The state government’s petition has been dismissed earlier in the lower court as well.



Explain that in June 2019, the lower court also acquitted Khan from the charge of filing an incorrect affidavit. After this, the state government filed an appeal against this order in the District and Sessions Court.

Salman’s lawyer Hastimal Saraswat told the court that on August 8, 2003, the affidavit was erroneously presented to the court during an appeal hearing against conviction in hunting black deer in Jodhpur session court. For this, the actor should be forgiven, Salman’s lawyer said, ‘This affidavit was not intentionally presented as Salman Khan is quite busy and at that time he did not know the exact license.




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