Big evidence of tax evasion found in Anurag-Taapsee’s house raid, know what the Income Tax Department said


During the raid at the house of film director Anurag Kashyap and actress Taapsee Pannu, the Income Tax Department has said that evidence of income tax evasion has been found on a large scale. Not only this, the Income Tax Department says that receipts for taking cash payment of Rs 5 crore have been recovered from Tapsee Pannu’s house. The agency says that this payment was taken in cash to avoid tax.

On Thursday, the department said about the Redd that evidence of large scale tax evasion has been found during the raids on the bases of Anurag Kashyap, Tapsee Pannu and others. Actually, the film production Faus Phantom Films has received more information than the collection that was talked about at the box office.

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Company officials could not provide information about the amount of Rs 300 crore. In fact, on the basis of Income Tax Department, the locations of Phantom Films founder Anurag Kashyap, Vikas Bahl, Madhu Mantena and actress Taapsee Pannu were raided on Wednesday.

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The agency said that Phantom Films was undervalued in selling its stake. Transactions of shares of film directors and shareholders were described as undervalued. The Income Tax Department says that there is a case of irregularity of tax totaling Rs 350 crore. Apart from this, evidence of cash transaction receipts of Rs 5 crore has been recovered from Tapasi Pannu.

The CBDT said that the Income Tax Department is carrying out search and survey operations, which started in Mumbai on March 3 from 2 major film production companies, one actress and two talent management companies. Search operations are being conducted in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Hyderabad.

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The Income Tax Department raided the houses and offices of actress Taapsee Pannu and filmmaker Anurag Kashyap and their partners on Wednesday. Officials said the raids were part of a tax evasion investigation against Phantom Films. He said the raids were carried out at 30 locations in Mumbai and Pune including Subhashish Sarkar, CEO of Reliance Entertainment Group and some executives of Celebrity and KWAN.



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