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Best daily routine for healthy life

1. Importance of “me” time

I always wanted to study more, spend time learning the things that matter to me and just have time where no one calls me what to do and I can just focus on getting lost in improving myself Am It is important to set a specific time for yourself!. If you want to do yoga, stretch, read, paint, write, do anything. You have to block the time where you have little to distract and can spend time to free yourself of guilt.

“It doesn’t matter how much you get

Done, it’s important to be dedicated

Time to explore myself, play,

Learn and grow. “

2. Prepare the night before

“Never go to sleep without asking

Your subconscious.

A successful morning starts before night. Through the years I used many things including reading before bed, drinking tea, walking, bathing, writing, meditating and fasting. I found out that it does not matter what you are doing the night before you set clear intentions for the next day, accept the present day and express gratitude for what happened.

3. Consistency defeats efficiency

Showing daily and performing consistently may not be sexy and will not bring results overnight, but it will definitely make you better. Here is an article by James on Marginal Benefits that proves that just 1% improvement every day will have a significant impact on your life in 365 days. Be it fitness, finance, creativity or relationships, just 1% improvement to look and grow daily.

4. Prevent Distractions

“Find or Design a Place

Some possible distractions as possible “.

In the morning, your focus and energy is at its best. This is when your mind is sharp and able to work hard. But no matter how focused or trained you are, wandering meditation takes a toll and eventually you will give up and give up. I am talking about TV, information, messages and the Internet.

Find a place or better design where as few possible deflections as possible. Leave your laptop, smartphone and TV in another room. Close the doors and windows so that no sound distracts you.

What I noticed is that the internet can be a big distraction for me, especially checking social media first thing in the morning. Now, I have my morning alarm on my wrist and I don’t need my phone near my bed.

5. Read / listen / watch something

“There will be days when you won’t feel

Like doing anything. He is perfectly fine. We

After all, there are humans “.

The thing that works for me is to keep my schedule consistent and study for at least 30 minutes every day. It allows me to focus and forget myself while learning and gaining inspiration. Other times, when I travel early in the morning, I like to do podcasts about the things that matter to me. Whether it is health, productivity, lifestyle design or audacity, I am inspired and inspired by the experts who hear about these topics.


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