‘Barrister Babu’ Written Updata 10th [2021] Bondita Refuses To Hold Responsibilities



Image result for Bondita Refuses To Hold ResponsibilitiesTonight’s episode of Barrister Babu starts with where Sampurna keeps on inflaming Bondita, she says to her that she has to sacrifice her studies, and she says that she has to sacrifice her all responsibilities also with keys.

Then she says that if she does this so her husband Anirudh and her in-law’s family will stay without any trouble. Then Bondita starts thinking and she thinks that Trilochan gave her all responsibilities because he believes her. But Bondita influences by her and she decides to give the keys to her.

Barrister babu

Then she says that if she will do this so they will not face any trouble, and as everyone knows that Bondita is not mature enough. Therefore Sampurna is taking the advantage of her, then Trilocghan says to Sampurna that Bondita will do pray to god and when he calls her.

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Then she comes there and after seeing her Trilochan asks her why did not she wear that cloth which he sent for her. Then Bondita says that she can not do pray and she says that Sampurna can do that, Sampurna gets happy when she hears this.

After that, you will watch that one side Sampurna gets happy but on another side, Anirudh is worrying about the behavior of Bondita. Because she is behaving strangely these days according to him.

Because he thinks that before whenever Trilochan says anything to Bondita she did not say no to him. But now what is happening with her and he wants to know about her problem so that he can give her solution, but she is not telling him anything, because he cares of her,

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Then Bondita removes the key chain and she keeps that on the plate then she says to Trilochan that she can not do the pray. Then she says that she is giving back the keys to him because she is unable to handle these responsibilities.

After hearing this Trilochan’s heart gets shattered and he thinks that why she is doing all this. Then he asks her that what happened and why she will not do the pray. Then Bondita says that yes she can not do the pray and Trilochan gets angry.

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Then Trilochan says that now he does not have any relation with her, and he says that she has broken his trust which he used to do. Then he says that any relationship is standing on the trusted surface, but she broke that. Then he says that now he is not her elder father-in-law at all.

Then he says that he will not talk to her at all also, Even Anirudh does not say anything to her. But as we know that Sampurna is doing all this perfectly because she wants to get the keys to responsibilities. So do not miss to watch it on Colors at 08:30 Pm.


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