Barrister Babu Written Update 3rd March [2021] Anirudh’s House Gets Destroyed


Barrister Babu Written Update 3rd March [2021] Anirudh’s House Gets Destroyed

Tonight’s episode of Barrister babu starts with where Anirudh is working to arrange the school fees on Bondita, and therefore he is working hard. But that revolutionary girl keeps on looking at him. Then few people are talking about Anirudh that who left his mansion and came here to work because he wants to make his wife graduate. They say that he wants to make her a barrister without taking any favor from his family but these things that the girl hears because she is also standing there to look at Anirudh.

Barrister Babu Today's Written Update 3rd March 2021: Anirudh's House Gets DestroyedThen Officers comes to Anirudh and announces who will tell them about that revolutionary girl, so they will give the prize to that person. They say that they arrange the big prize on it, the Anirudh thinks that he knows everything about that girl. Even he knows about here residence and hiding places as well, so if he tells everything to them so he can easily manage the school fees of Bondita through the prize which they will give him if he tells them everything about her.

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Babu Written Update 3rd March [2021]

After that, she gets worried about that because she is afraid that if Anirudh tells them everything so she will have to face problems. But he does not tell the truth to officers than one man comes to Anirudh and says, that he told him that there is no need that he comes here to works, because of the circumstances because in the village a lot of people are facing troubles such as Tornado and the fight between Officers and Revolutionaries, and it can be more dangerous if someone comes out from their house.

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Barrister Babu Today's Written Update 3rd March 2021: Anirudh's House Gets  Destroyed

Then Anirudh runs towards his house after hearing this he comes home and sees Bondita that does she fine or not. Then he sees that the roof of his house got damage properly, and he says to Bondita that come to this site from there. Because their house is totally made by soil, therefore it has damaged sooner than another house. Then Bondita sees her books got totally damaged and Anirudh says to her that there is no need to worry about it, he saved some money for the future.

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Then he sees the money which he has saved but the money is damaged and he feels helpless, then he cries in front of Bondita. He says that now what to do all money got damaged which he saved for his school fees. Then Sampurna comes there and says that it is not good and she starts to criticize them she says that she did not know that they are living here. Then she says that but now their house’s roof is got damaged so what he will do now in Written Episode. So do not forget to watch it on colors and on Voot at 08:30 PM.


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