Barbed wire on roads, seven layer siege on border to stop farmers

New Delhi: Farmers’ protests continue on the borders of Delhi. Farmers’ organizations have also announced Chakka Jam on 6 February. Meanwhile, the Delhi Police has laid barbed wire on the streets to prevent people from going on farmers’ protests. Not only this, on all the routes leading to the Tikri border, several boundaries have been cut in seven layers and spikes have also been laid.

The Delhi Police has made stringent arrangements to prevent people from joining the peasant movement. Delhi Police has put barbed wire on the roads leading to Ghazipur border so that no one can jump on it. In addition, permanent barricades have also been installed. Removing these permanent barricades would be extremely difficult. These barricades cannot be crossed without breaking. Also, three layers of barricading have been done at a short distance on either side of the road and the concrete has been completely stopped in the middle by filling the middle. In addition, several other borders in seven layers have been closed.



At the same time, policemen have put iron rods in the middle of cement barricades on the Singhu border. At the same time, all the routes leading from the Singhu border to the Kisan movement have also been closed. At the border, large stones are tied with chains. Due to the closure of the road, working laborers and people going towards Haryana are crossing the border through the surrounding village. Apart from this, the police have dug up the road and laid a cement layer on it at the ticker border and also put sharp nails on it so that people do not reach the peasant movement.




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