ATS succeeds, raids in Bihar and UP, arrests 6 suspects

Patna: We hear and see many criminal incidents every day, sometimes due to these, many kinds of thoughts come to our hearts and minds, but somewhere to reduce the connection of these crimes and incidents, our heroes i.e. Indians Army and Police, CBI, etc. . There is always something ahead, after which the ATS (Anti-Terrorism Squad) raided and busted them.

The ATS (Anti-Terrorism Squad) conducted a major investigation in the district on Monday. Six suspects from UP and Bihar have been arrested after raiding a hotel on the city’s Gurdwara Road. Counterfeit currency, explosives and other items have also been seized from the hotel.



The ATS had received information that some suspects have been staying in a hotel in Gaya for the past few days, which is related to the illegal trading of fake currency, fake passports and hawala. ADG ATS Ravindra Shankaran formed a team and sent for action. Two youths from Uttar Pradesh, one from Gaya and three from other districts of Bihar have been arrested from the hotel here. The team took everyone to Patna.




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