Anita Hasanandani bought such a expensive crib for her son Aarav, now getting 50 percent discount


TV’s popular actress Anita Hasanandani recently shared a picture of baby boy Aarav’s cradle and bed. Aarav is sleeping in this cradle while his mother Anita and his father Rohit Reddy look at him with loving eyes. Anita’s long note has also been written while sharing this lovely picture. Along with this, we will also tell you the price of this cradle and bed. Sharing this picture, Anita wrote, “When you have a baby. It is very important that you make sure that she feels safe and better. That is why I and Rohit decided to get this super cute crib and cot In this, he can easily eat, play, sleep and do it all again without disturbing me.

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Anita further writes, “The way he feels safe in my lap, I have seen him feeling like this in this swing.” Although this is a promotional note of Anita, but the feeling is of a mother. If you also want to buy a similar crib and cot for your baby, then for this you will have to spend only Rs 9500.

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The price of this cradle and cott is 18,999 rupees. But you can buy it from with a 50 percent discount. Please tell that Anita gave birth to son Aarav on the 9th of last month. These days she is enjoying motherhood a lot and is also very active on social media. She is often sharing pictures and videos during her pregnancy so far. Along with this, she is also sharing pictures and videos with son Aarav.

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