Ananya Pandey’s sister Alana told, what was the family’s reaction when living in a live-in with a boyfriend


Ananya Pandey’s cousin Alana is often in the headlines due to her bold pictures and videos. Alana is a model and also runs a YouTube channel. Alana is living in a live-in relationship with her boyfriend Ivor McCray V. She also keeps posting photos and videos with Ivor. Alana has posted a video on her YouTube channel about her family’s reaction to her decision to live with her boyfriend. Alana’s mother, Diane Pandey, is a well-known health coach.

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Alana’s mom was happy

She was overjoyed, explains Alana, the parents’ reaction to being with her boyfriend. I remember the first time I told my mom that we were taking her home and she was very happy. Apart from being in shift with her, this was my first house that I was taking myself. I was giving my rent and it was a big step in my life. Apart from being a shift with a boyfriend, I was also taking my house.

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Parents are open minded

When asked if he had to convince his parents to stay in the live-in, Alana replied, I have already answered it. Parents are very open minded about everything. Not only to live with Ivor, but I also feel that my parents are very open minded in everything. Therefore, there was no need to persuade.

Been together for more than a year

Alana says, ‘I just called him one day and said, O Guys, this is a boy. I love it We are living together. ‘ Alana and Ivor have been living together in Los Angeles since June. On this, Alana said, “We have been in this house for eight months but unofficially since January, it has been more than a year.” Alana has met Ivor’s entire family. Evor is currently in Mumbai. Alana’s mother has shared pictures of her Holi celebrations.

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