Ali Goni got out of the show, Nicki Tamboli wept bitterly

In the Bigg Boss 14 finale, there are only three contestants left in the winner’s race. Ali Goni is out of the show, Salman Khan said that he got the least votes. At the same time, Salman took the name of Nikki to tease before Ali was dismissed, on hearing this Nikki spoke that she had got less votes last week, so she thinks she is going to be out. But later Salman took the name of Ali Goni. Rahul Vaidya became extremely emotional as Ali Goni got out of Bigg Boss 14 and Nikki wept bitterly. Nikki’s cry was not for Ali but for some other reason.

In fact, Nikki felt that the taunts of the family were right and she was about to be dismissed due to less votes. At the same time, when she heard from Salman that anything can happen and she has reached the top 3 only through votes, she wept bitterly. He cried and said that this God has given an answer to all those who thought that I would not be able to get votes. Hearing this, Rubina explained to them that they should enjoy this time, do not hold any grudge against anyone.



At the same time, when Salman heard Nikki speaking about others, she told him that if there was a matter of no vote, then Rakhi and Ali would not have been out of the show, but they would have been out themselves. After listening to Salman, Nikki realized her mistake and accepted it in front of everyone.




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