After the wedding, the bride drove the car herself in farewell, this is how her in-laws arrived


The video of a farewell on social media is becoming increasingly viral. During the farewell after marriage, the bride was seen sitting on the driving seat of the car. He seated the groom nearby and drove the car by himself to the in-laws. Kolkata’s Sneha Singhi and Saugaat Upadhaya tied the knot last month and shared a stereotype-breaking farewell ceremony on Instagram. Video is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

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The time of farewell came after getting married. The bride and groom got out and started sitting in the car. Then the bride sat on the driving seat. He decided to drive to the in-laws by driving the car himself. Sneha made the groom sit on the adjacent seat. People helped the bride sit on the driving seat, as she wore a heavy lehenga. Then comes the voice from behind, ‘Seat up, son.’ Then the groom says, ‘Papa, she will do well. Sharing the clip online, Sneha wrote: “It was really fun!” She dedicated the video to “fearless, strong and inspiring women”.

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Saugat and Sneha were in a relationship for 8 years. When both went on the first date, Sneha left Saugat home by driving a car on her own. Only after that both of them had decided that she would drive on farewell day and reach her in-laws. He did just that. The video has received 3.2 million views on the Instagram reel. Many people like this video very much. People gave positive reactions. One user wrote, ‘Great video.’ Another user wrote, ‘Seeing this video, other girls will also get courage.’

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