After Rupali Ganguly, this artist of ‘Anupama’ got corona infected


Popular TV serial Anupama star Rupali Ganguly is in quarantine after being infected by Corona. On the second day of quarantine, she thanked everyone, sharing the corona check of her family and the house staff. Actually, Rupali’s family and house staff Corona is negative, due to which Rupali is happy. She shared the post on Instagram.

The same Rupali shared two of her pictures, writing- ‘Sherawali Mata Teri Hamsha Jai, Jai Mahakal … Thank you to the universe … Family & Home Staff is Corona Negative … Thank you for all your prayers and blessings … ‘. ‘Along with this, the actress also shared the positive thinking of the second day of her quarantine. She writes- ‘Quarantine Day 2- Positive Thinking … After several days today, dry the hair in sunlight and fresh air … Do not spoil the hair quickly with a hairdryer.’

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That positive thinking can also be seen in his pictures. She has shared two pictures, in which one is seen tying her head with a towel, while in the other she is seen in open hair. Keep in mind that Rupali is in quarantine and has kept distance from the family. Explain that apart from Rupali on the sets of Anupama, her co-star Sudhanshu Pandey is also reported to be infected with Corona. The actor has shared the post on his Insta story in which he wishes him to get well soon.

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