After all, why Kapil Sharma was sitting on a wheelchair, now the reason came out

Recently some pictures of comedian Kapil Sharma were revealed, in which he was seen sitting in a wheelchair. Fans were very upset as these pictures and videos surfaced and were eager to know the reason behind it. However, now it has been revealed why Kapil Sharma was sitting in a wheelchair.

Actually Kapil Sharma himself has revealed why he was sitting in a wheelchair. Back injury is the reason behind Kapil Sharma sitting in a wheelchair. Kapil Sharma told Spotboye that he had back injury. Kapil said- ‘There was a slight injury in the gym, although I am fine.’

Let us know that on one hand, while the fans wanted to know this reason from Kapil on the other hand, on the other hand, they were also a bit annoyed with a video of him. Remind that Kapil says to all the photographers at the airport, “Let’s all get out of here.” After this, when the photographers turn to the side, Kapil says ‘Owl’s Pit.’



Let me tell you that Kapil Sharma has taken a break from his show and the show is currently closed but the show will start soon. Bharti Singh said in an interview about this, “Yes, we are going on a break but to do something new. We are taking a break so that we can upgrade ourselves. The team is excited to work on new characters.

Bharti had further said, ‘It is not that we are going on leave during these two-three months’ break. We will have our meetings and homework and as a team we will work on new characters and return with more vigor. Honestly, we are all very excited for this.




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