According to the scriptures, keep the legs beautiful, know the reason behind this!

We are all advised to keep our feet clean since childhood. It is generally believed that keeping the feet clean does not bring dirt to the house and also improves health. But what is known is that astrology and oceanography have also been said to keep the feet clean. Along with this, it is also described in detail that due to dirty feet, a person is vulnerable to planetary defects. Apart from this, oceanography gives us information about how the soles of the feet have an effect on our nature and future. Yes, if you believe in oceanography, a lot can be found about someone by looking at the color of the floor. Let us know in detail about this.

In the oceanography, people who have redness are found on the soles of their feet h ave been described as lucky. It is said that the character of such people is very good and these people lead a comfortable life. At the same time, it is considered inauspicious for the feet to be white. According to oceanography, such people have to face a lot of hardships in their lives. It is said that these people do not get success in their efforts and they lead very difficult lives.



The foot is usually called the focal point of the body’s health. It is said that washing the feet with clean water removes all the negative energy of the body. It communicates positive thoughts in a person’s life. At the same time, there is also a belief that people who keep their feet dirty have a bad eye. According to astrology, the chances of planetary defects in the horoscope of dirty feet are greatly increased. In such a person has to face all kinds of problems. Therefore we should pay special attention to the cleanliness of our feet.




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